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At KFC, there’s a right way to do things. We make chicken by hand. And we eat it with our hands too. We share with friends. We welcome everyone. And we serve with care. That’s how it’s done, and its fingerlickin’ good.

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We first came to Britain over 50 years ago. Today we are a billion pound business which incorporates over 900 stores and altogether we employ over 27,000 people in the UK. Of the c.900 restaurants in the UK, 850 of our restaurants are owned and operated by 40 franchise partners; the remaining 50 are company owned and run.

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The hub of our restaurant communication whether it's posting recognition, asking questions or giving out top tips across our buisness.

Louise Lane

DEANO DEANO tada tada tada Another shout out for another team player in the Mander house!  Dean- your constant team work doesn’t go unnoticed!  Thank you for all your hard work, supporting the team & always putting our customers first!! heart


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Ben Ward

Extremely proud of sharanya rajendiran today in Bromley.. it was LAR sign off time and boy what a difference. The result was a successful sign off and as I said I couldn't be happier as I know how hard you have worked for it blush blush blush blush

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Marcus Bunce

This one goes out to zubair. His skills today has been excellent with availability at 100% exceeding all expectations and beating his own daily targets... also training a new member from Worcester on the fryers. Phenomenal work.


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